ISO 15926 Browser

This tool utilises the data of ISO 15926, a standard for data integration and exchange in the process plant industry such as oil and gas production facilities.

The ISO 15926 Browser tool is based on the Reference Data of ISO 15926, comprising (within this tool) of 10,598 classes.

I have to claim I am not an expert on ISO 15926, although I do work in data management in the process plant industry. I have never encountered a realistic use of ISO 15926 other than as a buzz word. As a software engineer I have a greater interest in the managment of the copious amounts of data involved in the design and development of a process plant, how the data is structured, and how it is validated.

Note: Please be patient initially while classes load. This prototype parses all 10,598 classes, determines hierarchy, and merges duplicates, all during the initial delay you may experience. Considering the amount of processing required this is actually quite impressive. When I get time I'll stick it in a database instead which will be superfast.

Multiple Inheritance, or lack of

I've been a software engineer since the days of C and C++, back when Multiple Inheritance was as rife as the Black Death was in London, circa 1348. ISO 15926 uses multiple inheritance in a day and age where it's become a thing of the past. Multiple inheritance smells, mostly as it's done for bad reasons.

The framework I've used to manipulate the ISO 15926 reference data is based on single inheritance. Yes, I could change the framework, but I won't. The caveat of this is where a class has more than one parent, only one is used in the hierarchy. I've created this ISO 15926 browser to provide a simple view of the reference data in a hierarchical format, and that's that.

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